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NetEaterOnLine is an application for scanning and sonifying structures of the internet services and websites (you may save interesting addressess or load other's saves, too). NetEaterOnLine is also able to visualize scanned services. The software was written in Java, in Processing environment and is available with full source code.

You need a Java plugin to run NetEaterOnLine inside your WWW browser. And - because NetEaterOnLine is producing sounds - you have to connect headphones or loudspeakers to your computer.

When you click "START APPLET" link your browser may - in some cases - display dialog window and ask you to confirm the action. NetEaterOnLine is totally safe for you, your computer and data, and for computers and data belonging to others, so you dont need to be worry.

The project was created as a part of the Digital_ia 2012 Festival (http://www.digitalia.13muz.eu)

Short guide

Type an URL address into "http://" field and press ENTER or hit "scan!" button. Wait a moment to listen and see haw NetEaterOnLine is transcoding URL structure into sequence of sounds and visual form (btw. you may to scan several URL addressess in the same time).

Press "save" button to write 3 last selected URL's and short comment. Press "load" button to read 3 last saved URL's to the list of actually scaned addresses. You may hit "load" button several times to read older saved URL's sets. Press "reset" button to finish all scans and turn off all sounds. You may also click on graphics representing URL's (small disks connected to "main" URL address) to start scanning those addresses - it's a simple way to travel from one URL address to another.

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